12 Reasons to Eat Rice Everyday

12 Reasons to Eat Rice Everyday
  1. High Fiber Brown Rice to Make Your Diet Goals Easy

Fiber helps in easing out bowel movements, thus, it is often suggested to include more fiber in your diet, especially, when you are on the toughest journey of losing weight and your weight loss journey looks very difficult. Well, that’s when you should add rice to your diet in advised quantities simply because replacing rice with wheat reduces the intake of amino acids and vitamin B. The husk and bran in the outer layer of brown rice, makes it a much better staple to go for, while chalking out your diet plan.


  1. No Cholesterol and trans fats

Another common myth is that rice increases the cholesterol levels as it has high amount of trans fats. Whereas, rice naturally contains no cholesterol raising trans fats and is a perfect carb, which helps to manage cholesterol levels when consumed in right quantities.


  1. Delicious in every way

Rice can be prepared in various ways and all the delicacies prepared with rice are absolutely delicious: Biryani, Pulao, Fried rice to name a few. Rice preparations are a nice mélange of taste and nutrition. It makes you feel satiated even if you consume small portions. This makes it pretty easy to keep a check on calories.


  1. Completely Gluten Free

Naturally, both white rice and whole grain brown rice are gluten-free and make for a perfect staple to go for if you are on a diabetic diet. However, whole grain brown rice is a much healthier staple to start with your weight loss journey.


  1. Allergy Friendly

Globally, rice is considered to be one of the least allergenic foods, which makes it a perfect healthy choice for people who are sensitive to food allergies and infections.


  1. Easy to Digest

Rice is the most easily digestible grain. In fact, most of the cereals and grains are difficult for the body to digest. All the grains have an outer coating that is rich in phytic acid, which makes it very difficult to digest and only polished rice is free from this outer coating making it a healthy option to go for!


  1. Rich Source of Amino Acids

It is scientifically proven that rice is a great source of amino acids, which are essential for protein building blocks. Amino acids play a pivotal role in the functioning of human body. These acids are essential for synthesis of proteins, hormones, enzymes, mental stabilization to name a few.


  1. Eating Rice Makes You Happy

Eating rice triggers your brain to release serotonin, which boosts your brain functioning and makes you feel happy! So, next time when you feel low just have a wholesome rice meal and feel happy and satiated.


  1. Traditional Indian Medical Treatment

In Ayurveda, rice-based diets are used to treat several chronic diseases. The combination of rice and dal is loaded with ample vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which promotes good health and helps in managing weight.


  1. Loaded with Vitamin B

Rice is a rich source of vitamin B complex, which plays an important role in the body’s ability to produce energy. All types of rice are a good sources of vitamin B. However, as per a research report, long grain brown rice contains higher amounts of vitamin B as compared to wild rice or white rice.


  1. Good Source of Plant-Based Proteins

Red rice or hand polished has more protein content as compared to white rice and brown rice. What makes, hand polished rice a much better option to go for is that it takes very less time to cook and is easy to digest. Rice is a great staple to obtain plant-based protein.


  1. Become Iron Man

If you are suffering from anemia or other iron deficiencies then including rice in your daily meal can help improve your health condition. In fact, both white and brown rice have ample amounts of iron and folate that are essential for the functioning of human body.

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